“More enduring than the show’s message is the rapturous score. The lush fullness of the orchestra weaves a spell that from the very first note begins to dismantle our emotional defenses. (Hats off to [supervising] musical director Ted Sperling and conductor Braden Toan.)
- The Los Angeles Times, June 2010

“The chorus is strong and beautiful. For me, their festive singing of ‘The Lusty Month of May’ and their more dramatic ‘Guenevere’ at the end of the show were heart-thumping show-stoppers. The orchestra provides a rich, luxurious texture that adds infinite power but never upstages the singers.

“When stage director Patrick Hansen and music director and conductor Braden Toan and all of these young musicians came together to produce a classic like ‘Camelot,’ there were bound to be fireworks.”
- The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA, July 2009

“…Conductor Braden Toan and the Chautauqua Opera Orchestra went from symphony orchestra to pit band in the shake of a baton, and they were delightfully strong and wonderfully versatile.”
- Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Once upon a Mattress, August 2007

“…Conductor Braden Toan and the Chautauqua Opera Orchestra were responsive and strong, and made the production far more successful.”
- The Post Journal, Jamestown, NY, Fiddler on the Roof, August 2004

“…While City [Opera]’s best efforts have not eliminated the problems posed by this “new kind of show,” they at least remained loyal to Bernstein’s musical vision. Braden Toan led the orchestra in a clear and spirited reading of the score that was never lacking in inventiveness and that rendered nearly every syllable audible.”
- Columbia Spectator, New York, Candide, March 2004, New York City Opera

“…Braden Toan was the scrupulous conductor of the 30-piece orchestra that provided wonderfully poised accompaniment.”
- Times Union, Schenectady, La Fille…, April 1998

“…the 28-player orchestra achieved a rousing, buoyant sound under the invigorating conducting of Braden Toan, and the fresh voices of the relatively young cast did not have to force themselves to make an impression.”
- Toronto Globe and Mail, La Fille du Régiment, March 1998, NYCO Nat’l Co.